The Complete Guide to Dimplex Model Numbers & Finding Compatible Spares

The Complete Guide to Dimplex Model Numbers & Finding Compatible Spares

Finding a compatible Dimplex spare doesn’t have to be frustrating. With our help and these resources, finding the right match for your appliance should be an easy process.
This guide is meant to explain and clarify the process, ensuring you can easily locate and replace parts to keep your Dimplex appliances running efficiently.

Understanding Your Dimplex Appliance

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How to Find your Dimplex Model Number

Identifying the correct model number is the first thing necessary in finding compatible parts. The model number for a Dimplex appliance will in general, be formatted with three letters followed by two numbers, for example, ABC20.

All Dimplex appliances come with a product identification sticker with all the information you’ll need, for help finding this, please visit our Dimplex Model Finder page.

Dimplex Model Number Variations

Dimplex often updates its models, you can see which version yours is on the product identification sticker, marked series. The series letter helps to find variations in the models, which will have differing spare parts.

Where to Find Dimplex Spare Parts

Electricspares is the go-to for genuine Dimplex parts. Here’s how you can make the best of your experience:

Our website was designed with ease of operation in mind. You can very quickly find and purchase the correct spare parts for your Dimplex appliances. Simply go to our Dimplex Spares page and select your model in the filter section, before you know it, you have a tailored list of compatible spares for you to browse.

Dimplex Model Number Filter Preview

Professional Advice

Our team is friendly and has over 40 years of experience working on Dimplex appliances. If you’re having a hard time finding a part, want advice on a repair or would like access to circuit diagrams, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Through our specialist knowledge, we can ensure that you only buy exactly the right part for your appliance.

Benefits of Shopping on Electricspares

Electricspares gives you the confidence of 100% genuine Dimplex parts, which means your appliances are going to stay working in top form and remain safe. You’ll benefit from good old-fashioned customer service, next-day delivery, and you can take comfort in knowing that you are covered with a 1-year warranty on any Dimplex spare.


Finding the spare parts for your Dimplex appliances doesn’t have to be a complex process. With the right knowledge and resources, such as the services found at Electricspares, you will easily have the parts identified, and delivered to repair your appliances in no time. After all, compatibility is what ensures the efficient and long life of your Dimplex appliances. All this, of course, with the support of our team, who is always here to make sure that you will find the perfect spare for your appliance.

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